Compressor Spare Parts is a device used to compress a gas. The air compressor is similar in construction to the pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating pistons, rotating blades or rotating screws. Among them, a large number of sealing equipment is used, mainly including shaft sleeve and stainless steel oil seal.


Shaft sleeve is a cylindrical mechanical part on the shaft, is a sliding bearing component. Generally speaking, the shaft sleeve and bearing seat adopt interference fit and the shaft use clearance fit. The shaft sleeve refers to the sleeve on the propeller shaft or stern shaft.

Stainless steel oil seal is mostly used in mechanical equipment. Because oil seals are needed in all parts of the running body box that have liquid oil and are connected with the external.

1. Its chemical properties are stable. Almost all chemical resistance, strong acid, strong base or strong oxidant and organic solvent have no effect on it.

2. The thermal stability is strong, can in the to – 200 ℃ ~ + 350 ℃ within the scope of work

3. The friction coefficient of PTFE material is extremely low

4. Highly self-lubricating, almost all the sticky substances cannot adhere to its surface.

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Air compressor seals

Max pressure: ≤36.8MPa
Temp range: -200~+260℃
Max Speed: ≤20m/s

Packing rings

Max pressure:
Temp range:
Max Speed: