Engineering Machinery Seals is a relative sliding end surface perpendicular to the shaft under the action of fluid pressure. With the elastic force (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism. Keep the shaft seal device close together with the auxiliary seal to prevent leakage.
The common engineering machinery sealing structure is composed of a stationary ring, a rotating ring, an elastic element spring seat, a set screw, a rotating ring auxiliary sealing ring, and a stationary ring auxiliary sealing ring, and the anti-rotation pin is fixed on the gland to prevent the stationary ring from rotating.
Besides, rotating rings and stationary rings can often also be referred to as compensating rings or non-compensating rings depending on whether they have axial compensation capabilities.


1. The shaft or shaft sleeve is basically free from wear

2. Long end surface wear of maintenance cycle can be automatically compensated, and in general, regular maintenance is not required

3. Good vibration resistance is not sensitive to vibration, yaw, and deflection of the sealing chamber of a rotating shaft

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