O Ring is suitable for mounting on a wide range of mechanical equipment and function in a static or moving state at specified temperatures, pressures, and in different liquid and gaseous media. For rotary motion seals, only for low-speed rotary seals. The O-ring is generally mounted in a groove having a rectangular cross-section on the outer or inner circumference to seal. O ring seal still plays a good role in sealing and damping in oil, acid, alkali, grinding and chemical corrosion. Therefore, it is the most widely used in hydraulic systems.

In addition, there is silica gel in rubber. Silica gel is also used in making o-ring (Nooyi silicone o-ring). For example, the sealing ring of the locknut box and the stomatal washer on the locknut cover.

Besides, High-quality silicone production of a sealing ring, not only smooth, non-stick glass, and a strong flexibility. Non-toxic, tasteless.


(1) Flexibility and resilience
(2) Appropriate mechanical strength, including expansion strength, elongation, and tear strength.
(3) The performance is stable, it is not easy to swell in the medium, and the Joule effect is small
(4) Easy to process and maintain precise dimensions
(5) Does not corrode the contact surface, does not contaminate the medium, etc.

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Encapsulated O-Ring

Max pressure: ≤25MPA
Temp range: -60~+200℃
Max Speed: ≤2m/s

Hydraulic Rod Seal NBR Rubber O Ring

Max pressure:
Temp range:
Max Speed:

O ring

Max pressure: ≤0.2MPA
Temp range: -55℃-220℃
Max Speed: ≤25m/s


Max pressure: ≤25MPA
Temp range: -60~+200℃
Max Speed: ≤2m/s