Vee Packing is axial seals with an elastomer sealing element vulcanized in the mold. The typical design of a chevron packing is comprised of the body, the flexible joint, and the sealing lip.


The Vee packing is molded from tape or pure rubber. The compound is generally NBR. The pressure ring and the support ring are generally pressed with a harder tape, and the support ring can also be pressed with a hard plastic. The V-seal assembly is mainly used for piston rods and plugs of heavy equipment. This sealing assembly provides excellent stability and better wear resistance and prevents the seal ring from being squeezed into the gap, even under severe conditions such as axial or radial vibration, sudden pressure, temperature changes. It still provides the best sealing results.

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V packing

Max pressure: ≤40MPA
Temp range: -35~+120℃
Max Speed: ≤0.5m/s