♠Description-Hydraulic Cylinder MPS Piston Rod Seal PU seal

MPS Piston Rod Seal is a common sealing material for the hole and shaft. The main use is in hydraulic equipment and is resistant to high temperature and wear. MPS Piston Rod Seal consists of a cup-shaped shell made of polyurethane and a high elastic o-ring or starring. At zero degrees or low pressure, it helps to increase the sealing force to prevent detour.  In most cases, when pressure is increased, the sealing force is also increased to ensure complete lip touch. This seal element symmetry can apply to both rod and piston seals, and it is easy to install because of its flexibility. In short, Due to the different media and the different working conditions of the device, that will have different adaptability.


MPS Piston Rod Seal
Temperature -35~+80℃
Color BLUE
Material PU
Hardness 70±5Ashore

Suitable for: automobiles, machinery, electrical appliances, water pipes, chemical pipelines



Excellent wear resistance

Resistance to extrusion

Strong impact resistance

Small compression deformation

Adapt to the most demanding working conditions and easy to install.

It is mainly used for sealing and dust proofing of piston rods and pistons in heavy-duty traveling machinery and static pressure.


13×19×4 60×70×6
14×22×6 60×73×10
30×40×7 60×75×6
30×40×8 60×75×12
30×45×10 65×78×10
35×45×6 65×80×10
35×45×7 65×80×12
35×45×8 65×80×6
35×45×10 70×83×10
35×50×10 70×85×6
40×50×7 70×85×12
40×50×10 75×88×10
40×55×10 75×90×9
40×60×12 75×90×10
45×55×6 75×90×12
45×55×7 75×90×6
45×55×8 80×95×6
45×60×10 80×95×9
45×60×12 80×95×12
50×63×10 85×100×6
50×65×10 85×100×10
50×65×12 90×105×10
50×70×12 105×120×9(CPU)
55×70×6 118×133×9(CPU)
55×70×10 128×140×14
55×70×12 MPI220×225×16

The above specification is not complete. Besides, we can customize the non-standard parts for you.

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