Floating Oil Seal

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Its various performances fully comply with the JB/T8293.1-1999 standard. The product specifications and models are complete, from φ50mm to φ1425mm, the hardness can reach HRC65-72, the working surface accuracy Ra0.1-0.2μm, the flatness can reach 0.0015mm, and the hardness High, wear-resistant and strong.
Material composition:
The material of our company’s floating oil seal is special chromium-molybdenum alloy cast iron, with a chromium content of 15% and a molybdenum content of 1-3%. This kind of alloy cast iron material has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high hardness and corrosion resistance.
The hardness of our company’s floating oil seals is between HRC 65-72, and the lifespan can reach 4500 hours.
Installation Notes:
1. Wipe the floating seal ring with anti-rust oil clean before installation (there should be no tissue fibers on the surface);
2. Regardless of the size of the floating oil seal, it must be assembled with an installer during installation. Only in this way can the floating oil seal be in the correct position;
3. Before a pair of floating oil seals are attached, apply SAE30-40 oil on the bright tape respectively; (note that there must be no oil on other surfaces)
4. During the first hour or so of the running-in period of most floating seal rings, a small amount of engine oil will be observed to be thrown out from the fitting surface of the outer diameter of the oil seal ring. This is not a leak, but a normal lubrication.
Pressure: 3.0-4.0MPa (value) per square centimeter Temperature: -40℃-100℃ Line speed: 3 meters per second

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