UNR/UHR Hydraulic piston seal

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The hydraulic piston seal is designed to ensure that pressurized fluid does not leak through the cylinder head when system pressure pushes the piston into the cylinder.

Temperature(℃): -35/+100
Speed (≤ m/s): 0.5
Pressure (≤MPa): 40
Application: mobile hydraulic equipment, standard oil cylinder, machine tool, construction machinery, hydraulic press
Material: PU

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Hydraulic Piston Seal and is designed to ensure that pressurized fluid does not leak across the cylinder head as the system pressure pushes the piston down the cylinder bore. In addition, the choice of piston seal depends on how the cylinder works.

The best sealing capacity of a double-acting cylinder, capable of sealing dynamic pressure from both sides (bidirectional), is achieved by choosing a double-acting seal. Due to the design of the piston, the two single-acting seals on the piston are double-acting cylinders that can easily cause malfunctions. The reason is that there may be high pressure between the seals.

UNRUHR Hydraulic piston seal






Piston Seal
Temperature -30~+110℃
Speed ≤0.5m/s
Medium Petroleum base hydraulic Oil
Press ≤40MPA


● Particularly strong wear resistance

● Insensitivity to shock loads and pressure peaks.

● High crush resistance.

● It has an ideal sealing effect under no load and low-temperature conditions.

● Suitable for demanding working conditions.

● Easy to install.

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