Food Grade Oil Seal And Bearing FK

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Temperature (℃): -160~260
Application: All kinds of household appliances
Material: NBR, FKM, PTFE
Standard or Interchange: ISO9001-2015

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Radial Seal in Static Service

● While most of the DLSEALS Spring Energized PTFE seals canbe used as static radial seals, the DLSEALS 103 is generallyrecommended for this’s moderate to high spring load provides positive sealing under most staticsealing conditions.

Radial Seals in Reciprocating Motion

● The most common applications of DLSEALS Seals arereciprocating radial motion.For rod piston sealingand similar applications,the DLSEALS Seals 400 isrecommended for general purpose sealing at lowto moderate pressures.This series has a low load, high deflection spring that provides low friction sealing and long wear life, and compensates for minor hardware misalignment.The DLSEALS Seals APS uses a round wire spring energizer,which has the advantage of producing an almost constantspring load over a wide deflection range.This type of sealaccommodates variation in hardware dimensions (tolerances)and/or provides effective sealing loads over.

large seal wear allowance,Also it can be installed in verysmall coil, which makes it particularly suitable for smallseals and seals requiring low friction values. For more severe dynamic conditions,the DLSEALS Seals 103isrecommended.The higher spring load provides positives sealing with some increase in seal friction. articularly suitable for medium to high pressure service,the 103 is also an excellent rod seal for positive sealing.
The DLSEALS Seals 400 comes with durable spring and ruggedjacket,is an excellent choice for heavy-duty sealing applications and long wear life.

About us

DLSEALS was founded in 1994 as a seal technology application solution provider, dedicated to providing one-stop seal development and manufacturing solutions to customers worldwide.
With experience in the seal industry for 29 years, DLSEALS is a reliable partner and resource-rich ,seal specialist who can help you solveseal supply or technical issues and mprove the reliability and performance of your equipment.
DLSEALS focuses on customer needs and is a reliable partner and supplier to customers in more than 110 countries worldwide, helping them solve supply and technical problems. We have our own technical center and testing facilities, a comprehensive laboratory that integrates product development, manufacturing and testing; with material formulation tests, physical testing tests, chemical tests, pilot production processes and product testing laboratories.

Our manufacturing standards are evidenced by the certifications we have obtained over the years. In addition to SGS, ROHS, REACH, FDA, UL, TUV, CE and many others, DLSEALS has ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification. These certifications prove that DLSEALS complies with the highest global quality and safety standards while manufacturing seals. We have a full computerized management system, MRP management system, which allows us to provide a quick response to our customers' needs.

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