Natural Gas Compressor Rod Seals Sets Compressor Ring

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The guide wear ring has precise guiding support for the moving piston and piston rod and absorbs the radial force generated at any time. Ensuring that the seal is not broken by radial forces has been achieved for the purpose of extending the life of the hydraulic cylinder.

Max pressure: ≤15N/mm²
Temp range: - 50~+200℃
Max Speed: ≤15m/s

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Description-Wear Ring

For pistons or piston rods operating in hydraulic cylinders, the Wear Ring has a precise guiding action and absorbs radial forces. At the same time, the Wear Ring prevents metal contact of the sliding parts in the hydraulic cylinder. Non-metallic wear rings have many advantages over metal wear rings.

Wear Ring provides guidance and support for the piston and piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder. As well as absorbing lateral loads. At the same time, it can prevent metal contact between the moving parts of the cylinder and optimize the performance of the sealing system.


Material PTFE+Carbon, PTFE+Bronze, PTFE+Phenolic
Temperature -50℃~+200℃
Speed ≤15m/s
Medium Hydraulic Oil, Water, Oil, etc
MAX Press 15N/mm²(40℃) 7.5N/mm²(80℃) 5N/mm²(120℃)
Color Brown, Green, Black, etc
Application Provides guidance and support for the piston and piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder. As well as absorbing lateral loads.


● Good wear resistance

● Avoid contact between metals

● Can suppress mechanical vibration

● Due to the centering action of the wear ring, a large radial clearance is allowed

● The groove is simple and easy to install

● Low maintenance costs are based on the above advantages, so it is widely used

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